Jessica works with public schools to advise them on special education compliance. She conducts needs assessments, develops protocols, provides trainings, and supports schools in their collaboration with the Department of Education.


Jessica has devoted her career to advocating for students with disabilities.

She is a passionate advocate committed to supporting schools and ensuring all children receive the educational programming and supports they need, as required by law.

Based in New York City, Jessica has served as Special Education Advisor for a high-performing network of charter schools, for which she advised schools on special education protocols and compliance. She also previously worked at a law firm representing students with disabilities.

Jessica is a graduate of Cardozo Law School and Washington University in St. Louis.


Available services include the following:

On-Call Support: Availability by phone and/or email (within 24 business hours of outreach) to address questions about individual student needs, crisis support, and similar issues that arise and require in-the-moment guidance.

Professional Development: Leadership and/or staff trainings on special education compliance and processes.

Protocol Development: Assistance in development and review of policies related to supporting students with disabilities.

Future Planning: Strategic planning on all aspects of special education, anticipating needs and preparing to support students with disabilities in future school years.

Special Education Needs Assessment: Comprehensive assessment of special education programming and protocols, coupled with recommendations and action-planning for improvement and expansion of special education programming and services.


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